What Professional-Scouts Evaluate

  • bbSmall The goal of TheBBR is to provide resources for helping each family to understand the professional baseball scouting-process bgo.
  • bbSmall Scouting is not a science. Scouting is subjective & individual scouting opinions will vary of every player.
  • bbSmall Professional baseball uses grading system which factors both current & future tools.
  • bbSmall Profesessional baseball organizations strive to identify the best players & avoid all problem players.
  • bbSmall Scouts always target athletes because they typically turn into better baseball players than non athletes.  
  • bbSmall Do you have physical tools to play in major leagues?  
  • bbSmall Do you have mental tools (character & makeup) to play professional baseball?
  • bbSmall A bad game with scouts watching does NOT affect evaluation. Professional scouts evaluate tools & project future potential, not today’s performance.

Professional Baseball Tools  (Physical Ability)

  • bbSmall Professional baseball players require minimum standard of position specific physical ability (Tools) to play professional baseball.
  • bbSmall Players that grade “above average” for all tools are referred to as "5-tool players."
  • bbSmall Most professional baseball organizations won’t draft players lacking "2" projected major league pitches or "2" projected major league tools for position players.
  • bbSmall If scouts see potential to develop a 3rd pitch or tool, they'll grade player higher based on potential.

    Evaluating Position-Players: bgo

  • 1. Arm Strength
  • 2. Speed
  • 3. Bat (Hitting Ability)
  • 4. Power (Hitting for Power)
  • 5. Fielding

    Evaluating Pitchers: bgo

  • 1. Arm Strength (Fastball Velocity)
  • 2. Quality Breaking Pitch (Curveball or Slider)
  • 3. Other Pitch (Change Up Preferred). 
  • 4. Delivery & Arm Action (Genetic) 
  • 5. Body Type & Frame (Genetic)

    Tool Grades:

  • bbSmall Scouts use 20-80 scale or 2-8 scale to grade players.
  • bbSmall 2 or 20 is bottom of scale & 8 or 80 is top.
  • bbSmall Scouts grade with "2" numbers. The first number is current grade on 2-8 scale and 2nd number is projected future grade.
  •     2: Poor
  •     3: Well Below Average
  •     4: Below Average
  •     5: Average
  •     6: Above Average
  •     7: Well Above Average
  •     8: Outstanding

    OFP #: (Overall Future Potential)

  • bbSmall Measures player's potential for future baseball success & value to professional baseball organizations.
  • bbSmall Evaluating & grading current tools is easy. However, projecting future tools is difficult.
  • bbSmall Future grades are determining factor for player evaluation.
  • bbSmall Tool Grades are added & multiplied by "2" to calculate OFP#.
  • bbSmall OFP# for professional baseball prospects ranges from 40-80.
  • bbSmall Players with OFP of 60+ are drafted in 1st round.
  • bbSmall Players with 58-59 OFP drafted in 1st & 2nd round.
  • bbSmall Players with 55-57 OFP drafted in 2nd to 4th round.
  • bbSmall Insignificant differences in prospects’ OFP after 5th round.
  •     70-80   MLB All-Star
  •     60-69   MLB Regulars
  •     50-59   MLB Averages
  •     40-49   Fringe MLB Players
  •     30-39   Organizational / Minor League Player


Intangible-Qualities  (Character & Mental Makeup)

  • bbSmall “Intangibles” measure how player will respond under pressure to failure & adversity on way to major leagues. 
  • bbSmall Athletes with history of problems are slotted downwards on draft boards.
  • bbSmall Player's attitude & body language on field shows scouts player's makeup.
  • bbSmall Avoid showing tattoos, body piercings, & outrageous hair styles.

    Professional Baseball Emphasis:

  • bbSmall Work Ethic & Dedication. 
  • bbSmall Self Motivated & Disciplined. 
  • bbSmall Mentally Tough 
  • bbSmall Confidence & Belief in Ability. 
  • bbSmall Aggressive. 
  • bbSmall Solid Person & Good Teammate. 
  • bbSmall Leadership Qualities. 
  • bbSmall Coachable 
  • bbSmall Competitive 
  • bbSmall Maturity 


Projected Physical-Changes

  • bbSmall Scouts project future body type for future power & velocity with added strength and physical maturity.
  • bbSmall Dynamic Balance & Body Control
  • bbSmall Explosivene Speed & Agility
  • bbSmall Has player reached full height yet? 
  • bbSmall Can player gain or lose weight? 
  • bbSmall Will player become faster or slower? 
  • bbSmall What is player's injury history?

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