Guidelines for Getting Noticed by Professional-Scouts

The goal of TheBBR is to provide resources for helping each student-athlete & family to understand the professional baseball scouting-process bgo


Play Competitive, Travel Baseball

  • bbSmall The best way to get noticed is to play & show tools.  
  • bbSmall Play on competitive, travel teams against better competition. Local leagues do not provide exposure.
  • bbSmall Easier for scouts to evaluate quality hitter competing against quality pitcher.
  • bbSmall Play weekend tournaments in larger towns, allowing part time scouts to cover more games, teams, & players.


Attend Professional Baseball Tryout

MLB Scouting-Bureau Tryout Calendar bgo

  • bbSmall Tryout camps sponsored by all 30 professional baseball organizations & MLB Scouting Bureau.  
  • bbSmall You can attend as many tryouts as you choose. 
  • bbSmall If you live in rural area, you must travel to larger city to attend tryout camp.
  • bbSmall The tryouts are free of charge.
  • bbSmall You must be at least 16 years old to participate
  • bbSmall You can’t tryout at more than one position. You must choose best position.

    Open Tryout Camp:

  • bbSmall Open to all amateur baseball players.
  • bbSmall 30 professional baseball organizations host 10-12 tryout camps per year.
  • bbSmall Advertised thru local baseball coaches & newspapers.
  • bbSmall Contact professional baseball organizations to locate open tryout schedule for your area.

    Tryout Camp Overview:

  • bbSmall Bring own equipment.
  • bbSmall Administration.
  • bbSmall Warm Up.
  • bbSmall Position players run timed-60.
  • bbSmall Infielders & Outfielders field & throw from position.
  • bbSmall Catchers throw to 2nd base in simulated stolen base situation.
  • bbSmall Pitchers throw 20-25 pitch bullpen & 1 inning simulated game.
  • bbSmall Selected players hit.
  • bbSmall Play scrimmage game, which provides scouts opportunity to evaluate student-athlete's game reactions & instincts.

     Tryout Camp Guidelines:

  • bbSmall Warm-Up properly to avoid injury.
  • bbSmall Give best effort, but stay under control to avoid injury.
  • bbSmall Take all drills seriously.
  • bbSmall Hustle on & off field at all times.


Attend Baseball-Showcase 

TheBBR / PG Baseball-Showcase Calendar bgo

  • bbSmall You should attend at least one showcase to increase exposure.
  • bbSmall Unnecessary for you to attend multiple showcases due to prohibitive cost.
  • bbSmall Professional baseball organizations cover all major showcases.
  • bbSmall Provides you opportunity to compete against players with similar or more talent.
  • bbSmall Showcase attendance does not increase your odds of being drafted.

    Showcase Guidelines: 

  • bbSmall Warm Up properly to avoid injury.
  • bbSmall Give your best effort, but stay under control to avoid injury.
  • bbSmall Take all drills seriously.
  • bbSmall Hustle on and off field at all times.


Write Contact Letter to Professional Scouts

  • bbSmall Send contact letter to area-scout if you have been overlooked.
  • bbSmall Letters sent to professional baseball organizations forwarded to area scouts.
  • bbSmall Good scouts will follow up on your letter and see you if you request evaluation.
  • bbSmall Scouts only write reports after seeing you.
  • bbSmall Limit local press and statistics, which don’t impact your evaluation.

    Contact Letter Should Include:

  • bbSmall Name
  • bbSmall Age
  • bbSmall Height / Weight
  • bbSmall Position(s)
  • bbSmall Bats / Throws
  • bbSmall Graduation Year
  • bbSmall High School & Summer Team Schedules (date, time, location, & directions to field).  
  • bbSmall Address & Phone Number


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